Laser Hair Removal

Our award winning Alma laser hair removal machine offers the safest and most effective laser hair removal solution available today. We treat men and women of all skin

tones and the widest range of hair types throughout the year. The treatment is virtually painless, quick and comfortable, leaving you with the beautiful, silky smooth skin you desire. No more threading, shaving, waxing or any other painful practices required!

We use our Alma laser to achieve superior results thanks to its use of the patented SHRTM technology, which has earned global recognition and is used in top level clinics worldwide.

Treating all parts of the body: We have a variety of applicators that allow us to perform treatments on any part of the body including small and sensitive areas. In a few minutes, hair can be removed from the face, full back, legs, arms, abdomen or any other hard area to reach such as ears, nostrils, between the eyebrows, full Brazilian bikini etc.